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We employ cookies to tailor the user experience smoothly to your needs. This primarily involves gathering information about how our visitors perceive the site and what type of information is important to them.

What are cookies?

A cookie can be described as a text file saved in your web browser when you visit a website. The cookie is the website’s way of “remembering” information about your visit. When you return to the website next time, the stored cookie in your browser is sent to the website’s server so it can be updated based on your latest visit.

For example, using this method, a webshop can remember the contents of your shopping cart and which products you have viewed, or a page with a login function remembers your login details. Simply put, cookies are used to enhance your experience of a website.

A website’s cookies are also used to gather information about what a visitor is interested in. These cookies, known as third-party cookies, are present on most web pages and can, for instance, show the user targeted advertising based on their browser history.

Cookies are not harmful to your computer, but you always have the option to turn off cookies in your web browser.

About our handling of personal data

We care about our customers’ privacy and process personal data submitted in the contact form in accordance with current data protection legislation. This ensures that you can feel completely safe when leaving contact details on this website. We only collect information that you choose to provide on the website, such as name, company, phone number, address, etc.

You always have the right to contact us (free of charge once a year) to request the information we have stored about you as a customer. Except in certain special cases (if the data is required for accounting or other statutory storage requirements), you can also request to have them deleted.

Learn more about our privacy policy here.

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